Pastway-030“More Than Just a Treater”

As the largest in-transit milling facility in Eastern Ontario, Pastway Planing remanufactures rough-sawn lumber from mills coast to coast across Canada. Our total millwork service includes dressing re-sawing, cutting to length, grading, grade stamping, and lumber storage for air drying. Only the finest wood fibre is selected for processing or remanufacturing, whether for large timbers, dimensional lumber, or fine interior paneling.

In addition to our treated wood program, Pastway Planing produces a wide range of other forest products for lumber retailers:

  • Dimensional lumber up to 20 feet (longer lengths on special order).
  • Full sawn rough spruce, including 2x10x16 stamped material.
  • 4×4, 4×6, 6×6, and 8×8 timbers up to 30 feet (larger sizes and lengths on special order).

Pastway Planing operates an integrated milling facility, with two re-saws and three planers able to profile most CLA patterns. Our licensed grading facility OLMA 88 has eight licensed graders.