Featured Products

Pastway Ultimate Deck, Fence and Landscaping products offer the beauty of Canadian wood with enduring performance outdoors

Ultimate Deck

A Pastway Ultimate Deck starts with Lodgepole Pine, a beautiful Western Species with an excellent performance record as a decktop material. Our Ultimate 5/4 x 6 decking, moulded with a decorative radius edge, offers a great look with great value. Our Ultimate 2×6 decking also features a decorative radius edge in a thicker, sturdier board.

Ultimate Fence

With Pastway Planing preserved wood products, your customers can build the Ultimate Fence. Ultimate 3/4″ Classic Fence Boards are 20% thicker than traditional 5/8” fence boards, and Ultimate 5x5 Fence Posts are 25% larger than conventional posts, for stronger fences and gates.

Ultimate Landscaping

With Pastway Planing preserved wood products, your customers have options for edging and non-structural landscaping applications with Ultimate Garden Ties, or pressure treated wood timbers in a wide range of sizes for structural landscaping.